Desertshore Border Collies is the collective name for our dog family and its endeavors. The name is a nod to both the 1970 album by Nico, and to the coastal areas of the Sea of Cortez, which is a favorite landscape of mine. My husband, Hector Acuna, our young son, Casey Starbuck, and I live in a mid-century modern ranch house in Phoenix, Arizona, with our three Border Collies, Kirby, Sadie and Gigit. Over the past thirteen years I have enjoyed training and competing with my Border Collies in conformation, herding, agility and rally obedience. I started in dog sports as a young teenager, showing Belgian Sheepdogs with my mother. I exclusively owner-handle my dogs in all endeavors, and I occasionally handle dogs for friends. I sit on the Board of Directors of both the national and local AKC Border Collie clubs, and I am a member of various other clubs that support the Border Collie in performance.

I have occasional litters, and when I do, I breed to suit myself, with utmost consideration for the health, well-being and betterment of the breed guiding my breeding choices. My goal is to produce sound, healthy, well-conformed dogs of a timeless, moderate type. Temperament is of essential importance to me, and I delight in the complexity of the Border Collie mind. While I honor the original and continuing purposes of the breed, I strive to produce puppies with the potential to excel in a variety of performance pursuits, and that will live as happily in an active suburban family setting as on a ranch. Our Border Collies are a great source of pleasure for my family, and I am grateful for everything they unfailingly bring to my life.

Lisa Weeks DesertShore Border Collies

AKC Breeder of Merit